With a record number of 12 club members participating we chose to run a single-day XYZ tournament instead of a round-robin style of years past. It basically means that winners keep playing winners, but if you lose, you drop down a bracket and continue on, until you are out of brackets and games! That meant we had 3 people to celebrate as club golf champions this year.


  • X winner – Zach Kominar
  • Y winner – Bill Leveritt
  • Z winner – Sam Staines


  • David Bartholomeusz
  • Sam Staines
  • Casey De Vene
  • Bill Leveritt
  • Zach Kominar
  • Andrew Golder
  • David Phillips
  • Glenis Phillips
  • Ian Harding
  • David Drake
  • Janelle Winn
  • Kevin Fear

Event Date

  • Sunday September 12 2021 @ Merthyr Croquet Club

Other Media pics to come..