We get up to a lot of stuff at the club through the year. Here’s a few of the items on the regular agenda.

Club Member Play Days

  • Monday 3pm (Golf / Association)
  • Tues 10am (Association)
  • Thurs 3pm (Golf)
  • Sat 9am (Golf / Association)

Golf Pennants Team

Team Merthyr started competing in local golf pennants competition trialled in 2015 with 8 clubs. In 2021 we played with 10 and finished close to the top! Come join us to realize our glory.

Club Golf Croquet Championship

We run a yearly competition. Pics/vids etc..

Councillors Cup

It’s a battle on the croquet lawns.

Social Association Tournament Sessions

(SATS) – Practice tournament-style games for intro and intermediate Association Croquet players around Brisbane, QLD

Association Croquet Pennants

Composite team with other clubs, etc..

Holidays & Special Occasions

Club has traditions of celebrating various days throughout the year.