2016 – Brisbane Metropolitan Pennant

Good morning and happy new year.

I have attached a DRAFT of the Pennants draw for next year. You will see that it’s quite different from last year’s. Whereas I consulted each of you last year to make certain your host day was convenient, I have set up the draw knowing that we can adjust it if necessary. I’m sending this out early in the year because I know that clubs have very busy calendars and that we all have to work around the CAQ & ACA calendars and to accommodate players who play up to 4 codes of croquet. Please take some time to consult with your Players / Admin to ensure that the date(s)  I’ve allotted you are convenient. It is great for Golf Croquet that we have 9 teams competing, and that we now have matches refereed. This is a great opportunity to raise the standard of GC at club level and to develop and support players towards entering CAQ competitions. Next year ( 2017) I would like to see the other two Brisbane Metro clubs, Pine Rivers and Ipswich, join in the competition. If your club can support those clubs in any way to achieve this level of confidence and competence please do so. 



Team Members

  • Corey Washbourne
  • Janelle Winn
  • Ron Sinclair
  • David Drake
  • Mary Drake
  • Margaret Vitlin

Greg Kerswell (Captain)