Merthyr Croquet Club (MCC) celebrates a Mid-year Member Celebration (MMC)!

  • Welcoming all/new/introductory members, and friends from the community (Including our club patron Cr. Vicki Howard)
  • Celebrating 100 years of Croquet with Croquet Queensland (Centenary CAQ badges given out to members)
  • Learning about the new updates to the 6th edition Golf Croquet Rules (Special thanks to Cloreen van der Sluis – GC Referee Coordinator)
  • Having a BBQ and playing Croquet of course!

GC Pennants (Div 3)

Merthyr Div 3 Golf Pennants team members welcomed Twin Rivers to our club to kick-off our Division 3 Golf Croquet Pennants season July 26 2022. MCC Players in this match included: Ian Harding, Kevin Fear, David & Glenis Phillips.

While it may not have translated to the final scores; Merthyr participants reported an enjoyable day full of friendship and learnings (about handicap cards and tactics mostly!).

Let’s go team Merthyr! GC Pennants (Div 2)

Merthyr welcomed Eildon Croquet Club players for our first match of Div 2 golf pennants 2022. The match format was 2 doubles games, and 8 singles games. It was a competitive match and the final scores were pretty close in each game.

Congratulations to our visitors who won the day overall by a single singles game! An enjoyable morning/afternoon was reported by attendees.

Scores will be up on : CroquetScores in due course! (There’s a photo of the match scores included here also..)

2022 Floods

The Immediate Flood Aftermath – Morning of Monday 28 Feb 2022

A “rain-bomb” sat over South East Queensland for ~3 days and brought unrelenting torrential downpours through to Sunday 27 Feb 2022.

Let’s play Croquet! 2022

Let’s play Croquet! MCC is back in action for the 2022 season!
(We actually resumed play at the end of January — only took a break for lawn works really, otherwise we’re able to play all year!)

Lots of exciting news is just over the horizon. Come and join the fun with our members for 2022 to be apart of it – before it passes you by!

2021 Rundown

Enjoy some info about the club’s operations, croquet results and future plans.

Club Operations


43 Members (8 new as of 2021 + 10 currently on intro)

Private Functions

50+ functions held throughout the year, ranging from 10 to 80+ guests.

Club Events

We held a number of community events for members, their families, friends and the wider public this year. Including highlights such as World Croquet Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas Party!

Web Presence

New website and function bookings online this year!

Social Media

Facebook: 251 followers, ~40 posts in 2021; Instagram 185 followers, only a few posts.


40 channel subscribers; 7.4k views ~150hrs of watch time
Top Video of the Year

Over 4,000 views this year, helping people all over the world! (Including Brazil)


We collated and collected a lot of our records and started putting them online this year. Take a look through the MCC Time Machine.

New Shade Awnings

Picture of Clubhouse and lawns
Clubhouse Shade Awnings installed in 2021

MCC Flag

Merthyr Croquet Club Flag was designed and procured in 2021

Member Name Badges

New badges are now part of the New Members Introduction kit

More Association Play!

A few members have started picking up Association Croquet in earnest this year. We started playing on Sunday mornings sporadically (in addition to our regular Tues play) through the year and have plans to play more regularly through 2022.

Coaching & Development

Our Club Captain held many coaching and introductory development sessions held throughout the year for both Golf and Association croquet.

Lawn Rejuvenation Works

We undertook some serious lawn rejuvenation works this year, spreading 20.1 tonnes of bio-soil!

Club Croquet Results

To the Future

Some projects we are pursuing in 2022 and beyond:

  • Hosting a CAQ Tournament (Div 4 Association Medal) on Merthyr croquet lawns for the first time in decades.
  • Getting ready for our centenary spectacular! (July 27 2024)
  • New sports night lighting through grant funding
  • Additional croquet lawn!
  • Improvements/major renovations to clubhouse
  • Croquet as an exhibition sport in 2032 Brisbane Olympics
  • Many other things..

See you on the lawns!

Councillors Cup 2021

Merthyr welcomed our neighbours at Windsor Croquet Club and both our respective councillors to participate in the 5th annual Councillors Cup! Central Ward brought Cr. Vicki Howard, with Robert Lambert, Luke and Victor to compete against the Windsor team with Cr. Andrew Wines, Dom (his father), Bret and Bree.

Team Merthyr brought home the victory this year, with the games tied we won narrowly on a scant net hoop count of +3. It’s coming home!

Thank you to everyone who participated and continues to support our “little gem” of a club in New Farm Park. We look forward to visiting Windsor next year to participate in next years’ games!

May our friendly competition continue for many years to come.