President’s Report 1991

Today I complete my term as President. It is with mixed feelings that I write this report, as it has been a hard year, mainly because of illness and short attendance.

Our Sr. Vice-President Edna Kruger has had a term of sickness, we hope 1991 will be a better year for her. My two secretaries, Gwen Butler and Bernardine, have been a great asset to me, coming as new recruits, a job well done. To the Treasurer, Audrey, I cannot thank you enough. I realise it was a big job ahead of you to straighten it out, which was not only for my sake but also the club’s members for the future. It is in the past now.

Thanks go to: Gwen Kelson, our trading table lady, what would we do without her?

To our two captains for getting the game under way, not easy when numbers are small. I do hope that we can build up the membership.

Our House captains, Cooje and Fran, for taking care of the eats and our helpers for the sandwich making for the different events we held at the Club, our Party Day plus Merthyr’s 3rd and 4th division handicap tournament. Without your helf we could not hold these events.

It is nice as I go out as President that our work to have the club house painted has taken place and brought to bear through the fund-raising. I am sure you will all agree it has been hard work.

To Les, our green keeper, who has been working very hard on the lawns over the past six weeks to get it back in order, I also say thanks.

I look to you all and cannot help but say I am proud to be a member of Merthyr. To the incoming committee members, I with them the best.

E.M. Cornelius, President.