The Brisbane Metropolitan Golf Pennants competition was spearheaded by Geraldine Trivett. It’s a competition amongst local croquet clubs.

Pennants players are always interested in improving their play and competitiveness. They are the champions, coaches, referees and Croquet flag bearers of the future.They will be happy to follow this path if their competitive experiences are fair and enjoyable. With this in mind, if you are a Host Venue, I ask you to try to provide a Referee for the matches at your venue. If it’s a long day , July 12th, perhaps a couple of Refs could share the load. If you are low on Refs, perhaps a neighbouring club might help out. Players will learn a lot from playing under these conditions and will be better equipped to progress to State level competition; your other Club members will then absorb their wisdom and confidence. Many thanks

Geraldine Trivett (Pennants organizer


(Results not entered into this year)

Team Members

  • Ray Vickers
  • Ron Sinclair
  • Janelle Winn
  • Zach Kominar
  • Corey Washbourne

Greg Kerswell (Captain)


  • May 24 2015 @ Wynnum Croquet Club
  • July 12 2015 @ Windsor Croquet Club
  • Aug 16 2015 @ Graceville Croquet Club

Captains Report

Greetings All,

Here are the final results and while we slipped down the table I hope everyone enjoyed their first outing and take heart from the fact that we played competitively. If you look closely at the results you will see we were competitive against all bar the top two teams – we in fact had wins against Stephens and who placed 3rd & 4th!

Looking more closely at the individual results our numbers aren’t too great – when we won is was by a small margin yet when we lost it was at times, by a bigger margin.
Some observations from me and from feedback I have received during the comp

  • we played with a good approach to the game and the comp
  • our behaviours and sports attitudes was always something to be proud of
  • we received lots of positive comments and feedback
  • we played competitively
  • we played as a team
  • it was our first time and we had a good time

Somethings to focus on for next time perhaps

  • use of free shots since we lost some games when we had quite a few
  • positional play around hops
  • use of take out shots and accuracy
  • our ‘fitness’ – mental and physical. since they are long days of competition and we tired as the day progressed

Thanks to all for your participation and enthusiastic approach
Yours in croquet


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